J-I-N-G-L-E and Beautiful Skies


Today was gorgeous!  I hope you all went outside and enjoyed the perfect weather we had today in Southern California…I couldn’t get over it!  That’s not the only reason today was good though–it was also the last day of holiday install at Anthropologie.  So our Newport Beach store is all set and ready to go full force for Christmas!  We actually have some great sales and some great items right now so you should come down and check it out.  If you do, make sure to say hi.  :)  Here is what I’ve been working on these last couple weeks and some highlights from around the store.

Our two big windows…frosted silhouettes of trees and woodland creatures, green trees, and a winter backdrop.

Owl–hoo, hoo




Some of our smaller, side windows with some frosted framing

A detail of the frame border.

And some mini silhouetted scenes and creatures

In the front of our store we have these giant Christmas ornaments

and some smaller ones above the registers.

all linked together with precious paper chains!  love it…

Our cardboard quilled wall

with ornaments nestled in the loops

Aaand, some ornament cluster trees.

Sorry for the long, image laden post!  I hope these are inspiring the holiday spirit as we begin the madness of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  Make sure you do something festive, like listen to Christmas music, light a Christmas-y candle, get an ornament, or buy a gift kind of early (I’ve already got a handful checked off my list…yess!!).  I’m feeling the spirit this year and I hope you do too!


  • shannon

    that cardboard quilted wall? AMAZING!!!

    i looked at this entire post wide-eyed.

    just so you know, i feel like i’m friends with a celebrity now that you decorate for anthro.

  • RYErnest

    Nice post u have here :D Added to my RSS reader

  • Laura

    Amazing photos!! Our store looks so beautiful!

  • Elise

    It just so happens I was at Fashion Island not too long ago, and I must say I REALLY love the Christmas decorations….
    How did you go about the Cardboard quill wall? I really want to make one for myself! (though I doubt it would look as nice as yours)

  • Liesl

    Would you mind telling us what sort of medium you used to frost the windows? It’s not simply a diluted white paint, is it? It looks wonderful!

  • MaeMae

    YEAH GURRRL!! Linked from Design*Sponge. So proud of you.

  • The Butter Flying

    Lovely blog , I will be back

  • navyblueshoe

    Would you mind sharing what kind of paint you used on the windows? Also, did you use brushes? I just recently purchased washable window writer paint at Joann Fabrics & Crafts Store and about to draw on my mirrors and windows.
    Thank you for the beautiful inspirations! You are so talented!!!

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